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Investment Product Distribution : Demat/Trading Account, Stock Broking, PMS/Nondiscretionary portfolio

Own Franchise of SMC Global Securities – A Reputed brand with PAN India presence

Smartserve Investment services Pvt Ltd. own the master franchise from SMC Global Securities and is registered with SEBI.
We are authorised to add SMC franchise’s under us and provide complete support and guidance along with SMC to help your grow the business. There is no monetary investment required for this business, only your time and effort is required. As an introductory offer…Your/franchise registration with the stock exchanges(NSE & BSE) will also be borne by Smartserve.

While the traditional PMS is designed for HNI’s where the minimum investment is 50 lakhs, Our product caters to both Retail & HNI where they can start from 5 lakhs or even less.

One of the many products on Offer is our very successful investment product “Alpha” – A Non-discretionary portfolio.

This is a fully assisted investment service with research and execution and has diversification and safety at its core. The clients are kept updated of all transaction’s real-time and regular reports are sent to keep them updated on their P&L. The client will remain in full control of their funds & account at all time and can also decide to stop and withdraw at any point of time. Also, the client has the option to take a free trial and test our services before doing the investment. For further details on the process and past performance, please visit  :

Once you register with us as a business partner, you have to Introduce/refer clients looking to invest in Stocks/PMS. Once the clients account is created – Research, execution(buy & sell) & communication/reporting will be taken care by our respective teams. We have a fully automated & transparent system where all your clients will be mapped under you and the commission share generate by all your clients will be directly transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis. While we look at a minimum investment of 5 Lakh/client, they can even start with 2 Lakh and increase it later.

The business partner can expect 2.4%+ trail commission on the AUM (0.2%/month). You would start earning monthly commission from the first client and will continue to earn till the client stays invested – typically 5-10+ yrs (depending on their financial goal).
For e.g one client with 5 lakhs investment will get you approx. Rs 1000/month every month till they stay invested. So if you add 20 clients, you can expect around 20k/month and as the number of clients and investment increases, your earnings would increase as well. So if you work hard for 1-2 yrs, you can earn for the next 5-10 yrs(till the client stay invested).

Expected Trail Commission : 

This product is like a PMS or Equity Mutual Fund with potential for higher returns than MF. The client should ideally have a 3+ yr time line for a decent capital appreciation. Clients can also use this to generate additional cash flow/passive income, for e.g., they can start withdrawing profits after one year on a monthly or Quarterly basis.

This will complement your existing offering and your client can allocate a portion of their investment to this product as well. This is a win-win product for all, while your clients will benefit from higher returns through well researched & focused direct equity exposure, you will get substantially higher trail commission.

This is a full time business opportunity with No investment, only your time is required. This can also be Part time opportunity to earn addition income, Anyone in a full time job looking for passive income can do this as well.

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