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Our Product Offerings

Having an adequate product basket across different assets classes, risk profiles and by different companies is very crucial to offer holistic, unbiased and need-based structured solutions or strategies to clients. We proud ourselves in providing our clients with a single point, unrestricted access to a rich basket of growing financial & non-financial products.

Capital Market/Direct Equity We offer multiple stock market investment solution through our partner SMC Global Securities Pvt Ltd.

A wealth creation strategy with a minimum investment of 5 lakhs and holding period of 3 yrs+. The capital allocation per stock is 10-15% and the portfolio is diversified across 8-10 well researched stocks.

A similar strategy like Alpha but invested purely is Shariah compliant stocks.

LS15 & LS45(Long-Short)
A wealth creation and income generation strategy where in investment options are 15 lakhs and 45 lakhs with a minimum investment period of 6 months. This is a market neutral strategy where we offer monthly & quarterly profit withdrawal.

For the all the above mentioned products daily trade and monthly P&L reports are provided. Also, the Investments & funds will remain in your account and you will have full control at all times.

Mutual Funds We have all the mutual fund schemes on offer by virtually all the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in the country. As a client, you can access any scheme with us, either in physical mode or even in a demat /stock-exchange mode with Trading Account services.

Fixed Income Products We also offer clients with diverse fixed income products, namely Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs), Infrastructure and RBI Bonds, Company Deposits, etc. from some of the leading companies, institutions in India.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) We offer Portfolio Management Services (PMS) strategies with direct equity and mutual funds as the underlying products from the leading PMS providers in India. Some of our PMS strategies are exclusive in the market which can only be subscribed through us.

Real Estate In addition to financial products, we also offer access to real estate properties as investment opportunities to our clients. Few of our products are exclusively offered by us in the market.

Insurance Experience quality risk advisory and management services with our insurance solutions. We offer the best of risk management advisory available in insurance .

Best Client Services

We understand that merely having a rich product basket is not enough for our valued clients. What clients really need is a holistic platform for an entire family (or an organisation) to record, report & manage a comprehensive portfolio of holdings into multiple financial products.

We offer comprehensive IT infrastructure to our clients for them to be able to transact and manage their portfolio very easily through our web and mobile platforms. The systems and process are highly secure and transparent to ensure complete client satisfaction. Also, The client will remain in control of the funds and investments at all times

All the transactions are reported and real time as well as on-demand reports are made available to clients at all times. Regular reports are shared to ensure the client is up to date on the status of their portfolio.

Also, our client relations team is always available to answer your queries and resolve any issues that you encounter.

Client Services contact ; 9916804769

Franchisee/Business Opportunity

We offer a business opportunity without any investment to people with experience and interest in investment product distribution. We have a very highly scalable model and can be started on a part time basis as well. Our products/offerings are very transparent and of highest quality and the expectations are set before on-boarding the client so you never get complaints . Your business will start generating profits from the 1st client itself. The trail commission starts from 3% and can go more than 6%. We also offer complete training and marketing support as well..

For our products & services, please refer to the capital market section under the product basket. We offer you the Franchisee of SMC Global Securities Ltd., through which you can give these products to your clients.

If you have inclination towards sales and would like to offer financial freedom through high grade investment products to your clients…Please reach out to us @ 9916804769 /